The Individual Session:

These individual sessions aim to empower the individual to step into their own power and centre. The session is spirit led and individually tailored. As well as the more well known shamanic Soul Retrieval, the session can also include a varied range of treatments such as:

Power retrieval


Programme restructure

Compassionate depossession

Symbols of Transformation

Nature as Teacher

Your introductory email will include further explanation of each of these treatments (or pop over to the FAQ page) in addition to some questions that will help to develop the focus for the shamanic session.

Benefits can include:

Enhanced ability to create desired life changes

Increased vitality and power

Expanded sense of wholeness and well-being

Release addictions and maintain change

Deep connection to self & soul purpose

I recommend 2-3 sessions to begin with 3 – 5 weeks apart, but this isn’t essential.

Sessions will often involve the client lying down as I work with the spirits and journey with drums, gongs and rattles to oversee adjustments on the spirit planes. It may be more of a dynamic and active ceremony where the client participates in a ceremony. Often there are a combination of different practices. The work is the same whether in person or distance and both are as effective as each other.

Remote Sessions

Remote Shamanic Session – £55.00

The session lengths can vary and are usually a min. of 1 hour.
I will call you on Skype or Facebook chat at the beginning of your session to discuss your client form and intention, then you relax somewhere private and quiet while I carry out the shamanic healing. I recommend that you ensure you will not be disturbed and set up a comfortable space for yourself.

In Person Sessions

The Travelling Shaman Studio, Airlie – 1-1.5 hrs – £65

In the session, I will take notes and ask you some questions about your intention and what brought you here.

Then I will open the space by acknowledging the directions and the helping spirits.

Before you arrive, I will complete a ‘diagnostic journey’ and this will give me the information I need for the shamanic session.  This can take lots of forms and I will describe to you what we will do.

This could be a session where you are lying down and I work with the spirits and journey with a drum and rattles to oversee adjustments on the spirit planes, or it could be more of a dynamic active ceremony.  Sometimes we work together looking at the information and I guide spirit release work.  Often there is a combination of different practices.

There is a relaxation time at the completion of a session to help integration of healing.

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Block Bookings

4 sessions

Remote sessions: £180 (saving £40)

In person sessions: £200 (saving £60)

6 sessions

Remote sessions: £250 (saving £80)

In person sessions: £310 (saving £80)

For block booking, please contact Rhonda directly.


*Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.