Shamanic Visionary Session

Classic healing in Western Shamanism is often defined by and offered as individual elements such as:

Soul retrieval

Power retrieval 


Programme restructure

Compassionate depossession

The Shamanic work carried out for clients with Rhonda includes these classic elements while developing unity in the sense that each element or all elements may be included depending on the needs of each client.


‘As my Guides state, ‘we take away and we bring back’ and I find this work that simple. As I release my idea of what a ‘Shamanic Healing’ is, I find to my delight that my Guides work has deepened, becoming vaster and more effective than I could ever imagine.’

Rhonda McCrimmon, The Travelling Shaman


A Shamanic Visionary Session is where the practitioner becomes merely a conduit for the vastness of the Divine Universe to carry out healing that is most suited to each client without imposing boundaries.

During a Visionary Session the client will experience Shamanic Healing and will be gifted a Vision of this healing to support the integration of the deep work of the Helping Spirits.

Benefits may include:

Enhanced ability to create desired life changes

Increased vitality and power

Expanded sense of wholeness and well-being

Deep connection to self & soul purpose

When you arrive, Rhonda will take notes and ask you some questions about your intention and what brought you here.

The first session will usually involve the client lying down as Rhonda works with the spirits and journeys with drums, gongs, voice and rattles to oversee adjustments on the spirit planes.

As the clients connection and understanding of Shamanic work grows the sessions may developed into more of a dynamic and active ceremony with client participation.

The work is the same whether in person or distance and both are as effective as each other.

There is a relaxation time at the completion of a session to help integration of healing.

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