The Compass Within | 13th July 2019


The Travelling Shaman Studio
Saturday 13th July 2019 | 10 am – 4 pm

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The course will take you into Compass work. If you feel ready to discover and work with your inner compass, develop your intuition and your ability to live in the world without being pulled in multiple directions this course may suit you.
Our world, both inner and outer, are full of maps & signposts – ways to understand the world and ways to walk our path as authentically as possible. However, unless we are in direct connection with our inner compass then we will struggle to know the direction to follow or even where we are to begin with.
This course will explore inner and outer maps & signposts and connect us to our inner compass to move us to place of smooth living and easier personal development.
To access this course, you will have taken the Introduction to Shamanism (next course date is 25th May 2019), or other beginners course with me. If you have other Shamanic experience please get in touch to discuss.
Cost £75 (includes plant based lunch with gluten free/vegan options)
Please bring:
Notebook & Pen
Mat, pillow and blanket for journey work


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