Shamanic Visionary One to One | Limited Places

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The Travelling Shaman Studio | Airlie

18th, 25th June or 9th July

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Experience your Truth

Explore your Soul

Expand your Horizons

Shamanic Visionary work supports our healing journey in new & exciting ways. Move into the realm of the Spirit Helpers and allow the vastness of Universal Source energy to sweep through you in all it’s wisdom and depth.

You will explore and experience your vast capabilities in the human experience as a Shamanic being.


Shamanic Visionary work is held at The Travelling Shaman studio in Airlie.

The session is 2 hours long and will involve a range of traditional techniques (soul retrieval for example). The session may also include merging with nature, constellation work, guided Shamanic journeys, timeline, ancestral or unravelling work – the possibilities are endless and vast.

Available dates:

18th June

25th June

9th July


Places are limited*



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