Where are you based?

The Travelling Shaman Studio is near Airlie in Angus. It’s about half an hour North of Dundee. On booking you will receive an email with the address and travel information.

Is Shamanism suitable for me?

Shamanism is suitable for everyone. If you have any issues, blocks, long term problems or short term crises, there is a Shamanic map that can support you.

What is a Shamanic Session?

A Shamanic session is where a practitioner or Shaman will discuss your current healing journey and will then either embark on a Shamanic Journey in order to remove things energetically that do not belong with you and to bring things back you are missing or will perform ceremonies/rituals with the client. (There is a list of those below)

A Shamanic Journey is when the Shaman/Shamanic Practitioner moves into an altered state of consciousness using percussion (drumming, rattling, music, bells, chanting and/or singing). The Shaman will connect with their helping guides to make adjustments on the spiritual plane on behalf of the client.

What types of things might I experience?

Extraction is the removal of intrusions which have entered the body and are creating blocks. Intrusions are misplaced energy and can be caused by the thoughts of others or our own negative thoughts about ourselves. I think of extraction as a spiritual hoover. An extraction will often be followed by a Soul or Power retrieval. The Universe does not like a vacuum so where we remove something, we need to out something back.

Soul Retrieval is the need for soul essence to be returned to your body. Soul parts can disconnect and severe away at key traumatic moments in your life. Soul loss can happen during times of grief and fear, such as an accident, the death of a loved one including pets, divorce or periods of intense stress. In psychology this is often called disassociation. The practitioner will journey back to the point where the soul part separated and tenderly bring it back whole and healed. Symptoms of Soul Loss include feeling lost and directionless, not feeling part of your life or struggling to find joy, peace or happiness.

Having a fundamental part of yourself returned to you can really help to fill you back up to your edges giving you the motivation and clarity as well as the focus and drive to become the best version of yourself.

Power Retrieval is the need for Power to be returned to the body. This often comes in the form of a power animal, where the animal represents the qualities of the type of power that has been missing. (E.g Owl representing the ability to see things clearly and with wisdom).

Power loss is often a symptom of difficult situations when you may feel helpless and/or unable to take action to rectify a situation. An example of Power loss could be when an overly controlling authority figure (parent, teacher, boss) does not allow you to express yourself.  The practitioner will go on a journey on your behalf to retrieve this lost power and return it to you, describing the gifts that this brings back to you.

Meeting a Guide or Power Animal many people have a longing to be connected with their own helping spirits and power animals. A session is held to learn how to make the connection and bring the energy of the Guide or Power Animal through in our everyday lives.

Cord-cutting. One of the requirements of being a happy individual is to feel free to make our own highest choices without the fear of upsetting others. Living as social beings, we create codes of behaviour which allow and respect the rights of one another. The over-riding helpful principle is to trust that there is enough for all of us and create healthy relationships and an optimistic society. We create our reality through what we believe in and through what we do after that to allow that belief to take root and blossom.

However, for most of us in this culture, we didn’t naturally inherit this way of thinking when we were born! Because of the prevailing reality mind-set which has been operating around the belief in scarcity and addiction to drama and bad-news our relationships have been tarnished. It’s hard to let someone move on freely if you genuinely believe you’ll lose out and something bad will happen to you if they do. It’s difficult to feel happy about growing up and moving on if you know that your mother believes she has no emotional relationship with your father and will have no one to understand her when you’re no longer there.

So part of our work is to clear the terrain a bit so that we can work on germinating the seeds of the free and loving expression of ourselves. Cord-cutting is one of the Shamanic methods used to help with this.

Cord-cutting is a small ceremony held with the intention of allowing threads of dependency and guilt to dissolve. In a cord-cutting ceremony the people or situations whose energies are attached to these threads may be safely released. A journey is included to travel back to the source of this pattern taking root, to release the fear and receive guidance on how to move forwards cord-free, with strength and clarity.

Releasing Past Agreements in the body often a body part can be screaming out in some way and we have a sense that it is trying to tell us something but don’t know what that is. Listening to the physical body can be as easy as listening to our emotions or thinking with our minds. In this treatment a body part is treated as the subject for the session.

Through journeying the source of the pain is visited and agreements set up at source are released as a new agreement is found that relieves us from the cycle of suffering. Guidance is received on how the client can bring the body part into lasting harmony in the body again.

Recapitulation could be defined as a mix of Ancient Mexican and contemporary Taoist practices. It is a practice which focuses on the breath and memory.

If we see our life as a film and ourselves as the projector, there are parts which are really full of high drama! The drama can be intense and beautiful or intense and painful. The high drama acts as a magnet in our system. If we hold the awareness of drama as a magnetic force, we can see how intense drama can actually stop us from being in the full force of the present as the magnets can attract us back to certain magnetic people and events. This can set up repeated patterns or story-lines in our lives which can get a bit tedious to say the least.

With recapitulation, we click out of projector-mode and press the film-maintenance switch. We rewind the film and can travel back to the scenes in the archives of our memory which are pulling us out of perfect tension. We clean the drama with the strength of our intention and the power of the consciousness of our breath. The memory is left intact but the aim is that we are cleared of the longing or the repulsion which used to be associated with carrying it.

Compassionate depossession. Possession, or over shadowing is when a spirit has not managed to find its way over the threshold at death and has housed itself in someone’s body.  There are various symptoms which can indicate possession which include not feeling fully at home in one’s body or feeling a struggle going on with making decisions or knowing one’s own mind.  The practitioner journeys to get guidance on whether possession is present to ascertain whether depossession is a treatment for the session.

The client is supported in being active and creating a space for the safe emergence of the overshadowing spirit so that differentiation work can commence.  The practitioner works with a special team of psychopomp guides who are specialists in this work in the spiritual worlds. The over shadowing spirit, or suffering being as they are known in compassionate depossession work, is then escorted to the light, or back to the realms where its true self belongs.

Curse unravelling. Our thoughts can be curses.  In the past and in some cultures still today, creating curses was/is common place.  A curse can have a strong influence on the path of an individual or a family line if it is embedded and accepted by an individual or a family system.  Unravelling the curse means going back to the source of when the curse was made and changing the program.  It can also involve healing for the part or belief which has accepted the curse.

If you have any other questions, please contact Rhonda.