Redefining Boundaries

The Travelling Shaman Studio | Airlie

Sat 5th Oct | 10 am – 4 pm | Sold Out


Sun 6th Oct | 10 am – 4 pmPlaces Available

This low-cost, one day course is designed to support a change in our relationship with Personal Boundaries.

Creating and maintaining healthy, loving boundaries in our lives is a key element of self-care. Setting healthy boundaries is a crucial part of life and an important aspect of any self-care practice. Someone who’s not used to setting boundaries might feel guilty or selfish when they first start out, but setting boundaries is necessary for mental health and well-being. Appropriate boundaries can look very different depending on the setting, and it’s important to set them in all aspects of one’s life.

While setting boundaries is crucial, it is also crucial to respect the boundaries that others have set for themselves. This goes for parents, children, romantic partners, bosses, coworkers, and anyone who interacts with or has power over anyone else. Respect is a two-way street, and appreciating the boundaries others have set for themselves is as important as setting boundaries for oneself.

This course will support you if you struggle to understand what your boundaries are, your boundaries are blurred, you can’t say no, or you simply have issues speaking your truth in the moment. There will be opportunities to work with specific boundary issues you currently have throughout the day.

At the end of the day, you will better understand what your Personal Boundaries are. You will be better equipped to deal with situations as they arise and will learn practical and applicable techniques to support your boundary work; both in setting boundaries and accepting the boundaries of others. We will work in Shamanic & Visionary Ceremony to reveal and release any blocks that may be preventing us from achieving our key boundary goals.

Cost: £50

Sunday 6th October | 10 am – 5 pm

Please bring:
Mat, blanket, pillow (I have a few spare)
Notepad, pen
Packed lunch & snacks (there is no shop nearby)


Soul, Power & Vision: Working with the Drama Triangle

The Travelling Shaman Studio, Airlie

Sat-Sun 28/29th Sep | 10 am – 4 pm | Sold Out


Sat-Sun 19/20th Oct | 10 am – 4 pmPlaces Available

This 2-day course is open to all. We will explore the nature of our Soul, Power & Vision in relation to the Drama Triangle. If you recognise these archetypes in your life, this course can help you to understand, heal and move forward from the binds of Drama.

First described by Dr. Stephen Karpman in the late 1960’s, the Drama Triangle roles of Victim, Perpetrator, and Saviour, and their interplay describe the most common strategies human beings use to manage their fear and anxiety.

All three of the roles or archetypes focus on what they don’t want or don’t like. Each role also sees the others as problems to react to.


The stance of the victim is “poor me!” Victims see themselves as victimised, oppressed, powerless, helpless, hopeless, dejected, and ashamed, and come across as “super-sensitive,” wanting special treatment from others. They deny any responsibility for their negative circumstances and deny possession of the power to change those circumstances.
A person in the victim role will demand a saviour and if someone refuses or fails to step into that role, can quickly perceive them as a Perpetrator.
Victims have real difficulties making decisions, solving problems, finding much pleasure in life, or understanding their self-perpetuating behaviours.


The stance of the saviour is “Let me help you!” Saviours work hard to help and caretake other people, usually need to help other people to feel good about themselves, while simultaneously neglecting themselves and not taking responsibility for meeting their own needs.
Saviours are classically co-dependent and enablers. They need victims to help and often disempower the victim. They can use guilt to keep their victims dependent and feel guilty themselves if they are not saving somebody. They often create victims in their need to save others.
Saviours are frequently harried, overworked, tired, caught in a martyr style while resentment festers underneath.


The stance of the Perpetrator is “It’s all your fault!” Perpetrators criticize and blame the victim, set strict limits, can be controlling, rigid, authoritative, angry and unpleasant. They keep the victim feeling oppressed and disempowered through threats and bullying.
Perpetrators can’t bend, can’t be flexible, can’t be vulnerable, can’t be human; they often fear the risk of being a victim themselves. Perpetrators yell and criticise but they don’t actually solve any problems or support anyone else to solve the problem.
These are the most extreme versions of these three roles, but we can encounter people playing milder versions of these roles on a regular basis.

The key to escaping the drama triangle is to recognise what archetype/s you embody and then to see your role in a different light. Through guided Shamanic work we will explore and release ourselves from the binds of Drama and redefine our place in the world. We will work to restore Soul & Power and create a new Vision for our lives.

This course is appropriate for complete beginners to Shamanism and also those with more experience.

Please bring:
Packed Lunch (there are no shops close by)
Yoga mat (I have a few spare)
Pillow & Blanket
Notepad & Pen

28th -29th Sep 2019
Sat 10 am – 4 pm
Sun 10 am – 4 pm


Introduction to Shamanism


The Yoga Tree, Stirling

13th October | 10 am – 4 pm | Places Available

Are you interested in the ancient practice of Shamanism for personal development? This course is designed to give you an experiential understanding of shamanism for use in your life to support you with difficult themes you may be facing. These themes may be around relationships, working environments, family, your past, self-sabotaging behaviours, boundary issues, self-care… the possibilities of this work are vast and varied.

During this course we will talk briefly about the history of Shamanism, current Shamanic practice, the cycles and seasons and our connection with nature. We will talk about the importance of intention, setting safe and sacred space and will introduce the topic of ethics. We will go on a variety of guided Shamanic journeys to meet a Power Animal and/or one of our main Spirit Guides.

We will also hold sacred sharing circles to share our experiences during the day.

The course is experiential, includes a variety of Shamanic Journeys and will also include personal healing journeys. We will develop ways to use Shamanic practice as a daily practice and learn how to work with difficult themes in our lives.

At the end of the day, you will be able to journey at home, either with your own drum or with a drumming track. You will have met and be connected with a Main Guide and/or Power Animal. You will also know how to have a clear intention, how to set sacred space and how to be deeply grounded after your journeys.

I will provide you with literature to support you in your daily practice.

Cost – £70 
Please bring:
Yoga mat and blanket (or two blankets)
Packed lunch & Snacks
Notebook and pen




*Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.