Your Gateway to Long-term Well being

Coaching is a process that aims to improve performance and focuses on your specific wish for your well being, happiness and soul purpose.

While there are many different models of coaching, here we are not considering the ‘coach as expert’ but, instead, coach as facilitator.

Fundamentally, the coach is helping the individual to improve their own performance: in other words, helping them to address their own intention, building a toolkit of useful skills and a personal manifesto.


  • Coaching program development questionnaire
  • 3 x 2 hour coaching sessions (in-person & Skype options)
  • 2 x communication points between sessions to share and check in
  • Access to the Introduction to Shamanism literature
  • £10 voucher towards any Shamanic workshops in 2019
  • Personal Manifesto
  • A completely bespoke program focusing on YOU!
  • Deep connection with your life path & soul purpose


A Personal Manifesto is a declaration of your core values and beliefs, what you stand for, and how you intend to live your life. It functions both as a statement of principles and as a call to action.  The word manifesto traces its roots to the Latin manifestum, which means clear or conspicuous. It is simply a document that a person writes that declares what is important to them.

Your Personal Manifesto may include a variety of:

  • ACTION that drives you towards your Soul Purpose;

  • CORE VALUE statement;

  • MANTRAS for change;

  • CEREMONY for connection to the world around you;

  • Statement of BOUNDARIES;

  • A new INTENTION for your life;

  • Steps to change the DIRECTION of your life;


The coaching may involve learning how to journey if you don’t already, identifying & addressing your specific personal development or healing needs and writing a personal manifesto for change based on your INTENTION.

Various possible intentions may be:

  • Learn how to Journey to meet Guides and Power Animals

  • Identifying a personal healing journey where one feels lost and confused on their path

  • Develop confidence with Shamanic Journey work

  • Personal development overcoming past trauma and moving forward

  • Working with Self-Sabotaging behaviours

  • Working with Nature in a purposeful and mindful way

  • Working with a difficult relationship/s

This is a comprehensive coaching series and will involve ACTION from you at home. If you are ready to take control of your life and immerse in a new way to live in your world pop over to the online shop and book now.


CEREMONY: be inspired to create original ceremonies tailored to your own needs and the needs of your community. When you invoke the sacred power of ceremony, you tap into one of the oldest and most effective tools for transforming both yourself and the world.

HEALING: address specific healing intentions with various ancient healing techniques such as Soul Retrieval, Power Retrieval, Extraction,  Compassionate Depossession & Healing with Spiritual Light. We will weave these into our program in a way that is best for each individual need.

TIME LINE: work through your life with time line work. Reclaim lost power, work through left over trauma and clear the hidden blocks that occur through incomplete initiation.

ANCESTRAL WORK: explore and examine your ancestral lines and discover areas for clearing and healing.

PAST LIVE CLEARING: we sometimes carry wounds and emotions not only from experiences in our present life, but also from events in past lives. Work through and release these old wounds and emotions.

CORD CUTTING: when a cord (a connection with another person) is healthy, it can create a vibrant, energetic source exchange but when the cord is unhealthy, it can often lead to feeling controlled or drained in energy. Learn how to keep yourself clear with this technique.

FAMILY CONSTELLATION: this is a powerful method to help you recognise difficult entanglements, both in your family of origin as well as in your present family or relationship.

TRUTH SEEKING: this method is helpful for those who are lost on their path and feel something is missing. Step into the concept of TRUTH to rediscover and reconnect with your True Self.

OMEN WALKING: open up your senses and learn how to walk gently in the world to divine information from those little signs we are often given but may miss due to our busy minds.

SHAMANIC JOURNEY WORK: learn the classic, deep and magical Shamanic Journey, working with Power Animals, Totems, Helping Spirits & Guides to receive guidance & wisdom.

COST: £350

Current Intake 3 | 2 places available

Current offer: £260

*Please contact Rhonda to request a place on the waiting list

*Payment schemes and scholarships available – contact Rhonda for details

*Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.