The Travelling Shaman

Soon to be... The Centre for Shamanism!

Learn how to meet and connect with your Shamanic guides and discover your authentic centre with creative Shamanic practice.

Training Testimonial

"Rhonda has an immense capacity to hold a safe and powerful space for others  and to educate a fine process of spiritual unfolding. If you enter into one of Rhonda's workshops, I know that she will lead you deftly into the unknown and that she will skilfully guide you to be able to go wherever you are called to go.  She won’t influence or pre-empt your journey.  She will simply let you fly.  I have experienced how deeply Rhonda values respect for the personal freedom and unique power of everyone she works with.  Her integrity holds the qualities of both the compassionate wise one and the warrior.  If you visit Rhonda for an individual session, I know that her precision in setting up space and her dedication to follow spirit led practice will open doors that many practitioners might not be so readily able to facilitate the opening of.  Her results over the years have been exemplary." Carol Day, Founder, The Centre of Creative Vision

Rhonda specialises in sharing ancient Shamanic techniques designed to support us in our stressful, hectic lives...

Client Testimonials

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